lunes, 2 de noviembre de 2009

The place that most influenced me

Hey, aquí dejo la redacción que hice para inglés. Se titula:
El lugar que mas me ha influenciado:

"If you ask me for the place that most influenced me I can only talk about one. Every Sunday I go to the church with my family, on Saturdays I go there too with the group of teenagers of my church to pray together to God.

Two summers ago I went to a camping with my friends. At the beginning, that summer seemed to be as usual as all my latest summers. The camping is localized in Navarra and it offers very fantastic views. I remember the night when that place became a very special place to me:

It was very late, outside it was raining, and we were all together singing and talking about God. For me it was a normal thing, I never believed at all that God existed before and I didn’t mind to do all that things as soon as I was with my friends. But, as I said, that was a special night.

That night we started praying all together and suddenly we all could feel the grace of God. I personally could feel regrets about my life, I opened my eyes to see a life without sense, a life without God which is a life with fleeting happiness and I knew at the moment that I needed a change.

Navarra is the place where I met God, there is where all my life began to change. When I think about Navarra I remember that special place that marked me for the rest of my life."

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