viernes, 23 de abril de 2010


Hello! I didn't write anything for long! but as I see I have a follower!! So I want to welcome you "Alessandro Martins de Paula"!! hehehe It's my honor to have a suscriber! lol!! now I don't know what to say...

Ah well...Lately I didn't have much time to write anything but anyway... I'm passing through a hard period of exams and personal problems but I keep trusting God. I know that He is powerful and that He's with me. He know what's better for my life so I'll have to accept it, even though I don't see it now, someday I will realize what is and was the plan of God.

I want to thank God too that the last month I was thinking that I need some money to buy me a dress (there was a wedding in my church) and for paying my university entrance examination, and if it's possible for my every day spending. And wow!!! God is so ... well I don't know how to say it! But He gave me a job! Not a steady one caz I had to take care of a little girl. but al least is something!!! I'm very grateful!! :P

Well I shoud be studying now...see you!!

SHALOM and God bless you!!

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